Campus Ambassador: Description & FAQs

We are looking for college students and self-advocates to help promote, fundraise, and recruit Volunteers and Campers on college campuses nationwide! As a PALS Ambassador, you will work to create events on campus and spread PALS love to every reachable corner.


What to expect as a PALS Ambassador?

As a PALS Ambassador you are working hard to promote, recruit, and fundraise for PALS on your college campus.

You Should Expect:

  • To develop amazing leadership skills

  • To work alongside other PALS leaders, and have the chance to collaborate as a team

  • To help support financial aid offered to Campers by fundraising for PALS

  • To recruit awesome Volunteers (especially males) that will ensure PALS can keep expanding

  • To promote PALS at different college campuses and spread PALS Love everywhere

  • To reach goals, receive cool and unique PALS swag, and other cool prizes!

Who can be a PALS Ambassador?

  • Volunteer counselors who attend a College or University and are passionate about promoting PALS on their campus

  • Campers who are self-advocates looking to gain more PALS leadership experience by helping to promote PALS on a local college campus

Application Requirements

  • Applicants have been part of the PALS family for at least one for Camp and Adventure season

  • Applicants have a positive outlook on Down syndrome and the disability community

  • Applicants will be able to work towards goals and objectives outlined by the Campus Ambassador Intern

  • Applicants who are self-advocates will be able to provide transportation to and from the college that they become an Ambassador at

  • Applicants are ready to have fun, and grow as a PALS Leader!

FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ON THE Campus Ambassador ROLE, PLEASE contact our campus ambassador intern, josh


To apply now, login to CampInTouch, click on “Forms & Documents” and select the “Campus Ambassador”. If you have any questions, please email Josh.