Camp PALS Chicago 2017 Wish List


Camp PALS Chicago is SUPER excited to bring everyone back to the Windy City for a fun-filled week packed of city adventures and plenty of bonding time between returners and new PALS individuals! In order to make our week even more spectacular, we are asking that you donate to make one of our experiences even more memorable.

During the week, we are planning to go on a scavenger hunt to Navy Pier! We love the idea of walking around near the beach and sightseeing in one of the most beautiful cities out there. To make this day even better, we would love to take Camp PALS Chicago up into the newly designed Centennial Ferris Wheel! What better way to see the skyline than from 200 feet up high! Please consider donating!

The Cost is $10 pp with a total cost of $1,000