DSAM 2019 Impact Stories: Sonia & Patrick

Patrick is my son, and when he was born, I was so afraid that I would not be equipped to teach him what he would need to live a happy and fulfilled life. I imagined our lives ahead changed forever. A life filled with anxiety over the unsure and the presumed. I grieved for the "perfect" child that I had imagined all my life, and I worried about this "special" child for the rest of his - and our - lives.

Little did I know, Patrick would actually teach us everything we needed to know about being happy and fulfilled in life. Little did I know just how perfect a human being he would be.

Patrick has taught us what true, sincere, and endless love is. He loves without reservation. He accepts people as they are. He is content and happy with the simplest of things that life has to offer. He has a heart, that although has some surgical scars, is made of gold. He celebrates everything. He forgives and forgets entirely. He doesn't hold grudges. He is gentle and kind. He is patient with our impatience. He is willing to try anything and works hard at it when given a chance. He gets frustrated when he doesn't achieve it, but he quickly accepts challenges and is willing to try something else. He is consoling when we are frustrated.He is grateful for everything and anything. He asks for nothing and accepts everything. His wisdom in life far exceeds his IQ.

If only we could all accept and treat each other and ourselves like that. If only we could all learn to live each day "completely", the best that we can, without worrying about tomorrow, and appreciating each moment as it comes. If only we could hold on to the hope that all is possible, if we don't set limits or presumptions on ourselves or others.

I have learned so much more from Patrick than he has from me. Through all his successes and failures, I realize that he is the most perfect human I know.

And yes, he is special. He is extraordinary.

He is who I aspire to be.


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