Camp Night and The Snider Family


This week we are excited to introduce that Camp Night will be presented by the Snider Family! The Snider Family has been connected to the PALS community since 2013, when they found PALS after losing their “Uncle Howard,” a treasured member of their family with Down syndrome. The family shared their commitment to PALS at our 10-Year Anniversary Gala In 2014 and left their mark in 2015 by launching our very first dedicated program, Camp PALS Maine, in memory of Myrna (Howard’s sister). In 2018, we celebrated the launch of The Congratulations Project book with a party at the home of Martha McGeary Snider. Over the years, we have continued to have family members step up as volunteers, led by Lily Snider who has served as both a counselor and head counselor, and was featured in one of our Congratulations Project videos. Most recently we have welcomed Garrett Snider to our Executive Board, who has been a pillar to our organization and a force of connection as we pursue growth and development at a whole new level. Camp Night has been his vision and he has led the charge in making this event a reality. Here’s a few words from Garrett:

Our grandmother was larger than life. No matter how big and spread out our family became, she always knew how to bring us together. PALS was a vehicle to help her do that, and we’re so grateful that it was. My cousin, Lily, was the first person in our family to follow our grandmother into the magic of camp. Thanks to her, almost everyone with our last name now knows and honors the beauty of PALS. Last summer, I got to spend a week doing good alongside some of my favorite people in life. The memories we now share are just one example of the impact PALS can make on a community. As a new board member, I want to make sure that impact continues to grow and am so excited to do that with Camp Night.

We have been so grateful for the invaluable support over the years, from every generation and every person within The Snider Family. We are honored to have them join us for Camp Night 2019.

We hope you will join us all for this powerful and unforgettable celebration on May 11. More details and tickets are available at

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