Thank you | DSAM Recap

Male Camper Pair.jpg

October was an incredible month, and we owe it to our PALS Family! We had such a great time celebrating with you. Let’s look back and see all the amazing things we did together.

Our Ambassadors raised over $25,000!

Our Ambassadors are fundraising to support Camper Financial Aid, with a goal of $100,000. This is an incredible start! Get to know the teams here, and donate to them here.

We attended 8 Buddy Walks.

We had so much fun seeing our PALS Family all over the country.

We selected our PALS Holiday Leaders.

Meet our PALS Holiday PA Leaders here, and meet our PALS Holiday D.C. Leaders here.

Thank you for an incredible Down Syndrome Awareness Month. We are so grateful to have an amazing PALS community and we look forward to the awesome accomplishments we will make together in the future.