The Congratulations Project book is now available! 

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The Congratulations Project book contains handwritten, original letters from individuals with Down syndrome to expecting and new parents whose child has received the same diagnosis. They all begin with the same, simple message: Congratulations. These letters are written by members of the PALS family and sent to new members of the Down syndrome community, welcoming families into the fold. These letters are designed to inspire, encourage, welcome and, most importantly, congratulate expecting and new parents and siblings of a child with Down syndrome.

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The Congratulations Project is available for $40 (hardcover) and $21 (paperback). If you would like to order the book in larger quantities (10 or more) contact

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As you read the Congratulations Project letters in this book, you will see what Gabe saw that week. Each one is really a love letter to life and all its possibilities. And they are written not just to the new parents of babies with Down syndrome, but to the babies themselves.
— Meredith Vieira

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There are 65 Down syndrome clinics, 33,000 OBGYNs, 4,000 genetic counselors, and 5,000 hospitals across the country.  With your help, we can raise funds to have books available at all of them. Every donation of $40 sends another hardcover book filled with hope to one of these locations.


All proceeds from book sales directly support our book distribution efforts!

Our goal is that this book of letters and images of their authors, filled with the honest, personal words of young adults with Down syndrome, will bring light and joy to new families, and all individuals across the world. Donations and book sales support our distribution efforts to send books to offices and counselors where new and expecting parents receive the Down syndrome diagnosis. Know of a doctor, clinic, or medical office that we can send a book to? Please send contact information to

the congratulations project initiative

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