Camp PALS tuition

The tuition for Camp PALS is $1400. However, we recognize that this amount is beyond the reach of some of our families. In order to ensure that anyone can attend a PALS Program regardless of their ability to pay, we fundraise year-round to fill our Financial Aid Fund. Because of our generous donors and sponsors, PALS has fulfilled 100% of Financial Aid requests to-date.

In addition, although the cost of camp continues to rise year after year, our camper tuition has not increased since 2014 because donors also cover 53% of the cost of camp.

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Tuition payment suggestion

To aid families in completing the Financial Aid application, we have set tuition payment suggestions based on annual household income. Please understand that we know that every family has different living situations and needs so feel free to request an amount not represented below:

Sliding Scale

financial aid fund

In 2018, 26% of our families received financial aid directly from PALS, with more than $140,000 in financial aid requests fulfilled. Another 6% worked with outside entities (state funds, local Arc chapters, local Down syndrome associations, churches) to fund their child’s tuition. If you have questions about our Financial Aid Fund, please contact our Managing Director, Julia at


Please review our our most recent annual report or 990. We rely heavily on the support of our generous partners, as well as the dedication of our many donors that participate in our annual fundraising campaign.

Have more questions about PALS costs? Contact our Development Director, Michelle at