PALS Fundraising Merchandise

Special thanks to our Retail Partners and Ambassadors for creating merchandise to benefit PALS Programs.
If you are interested in creating your own PALS Fundraising Merchandise, please reach out to Michelle at 

PALS receives a portion of the proceeds with your purchase!

Rivet revolution

Rivet Revolution's cause is to raise money to help end Alzheimer's. Did you know that 50% or more of people with Down syndrome will develop Alzheimer’s as they age? Rivet Revolution & PALS are proud to partner in the fight to end Alzheimer’s.

Receive 20% discount with code: PALS20 and Rivet Revolution will also donate 20% of your purchase to PALS Programs.

sticky smart wallet

PALS Ambassador JoAnn Clark created a PALS branded Sticky Smart Wallet fundraiser. 

With the convenience of the Sticky Smart Wallet, a credit card holder for your cell phone, you ONLY need your phone. Now, you can easily carry all of your essentials in a slim, silicone pocket that adheres to the back of your smartphone or smartphone case.

Reeves 2018 shirts.jpg

reeves tees

Homies with Extra Chromies partnership shirts in stock! Purchase yours today to support our partnership with an incredible organization that celebrates differences.

Reeve's Tees employs adults with Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities. Each shirt comes beautifully packaged by the Reeve's Tees staff. #FriendsCountMoreThanChromosomes