PALS Fosters Leadership Development

Our organization is built on the passion, energy and vision of exceptional people. We invite leaders of all ages to join us as we seek to grow our impact and build a world of inclusion and acceptance. There are many opportunities to get involved. If you would like to apply for a leadership position within PALS, login to your CampInTouch account, visit the "Forms & Documents" section, and fill out your leadership application. 

Board of Directors - Our Executive Board meets quarterly and is comprised of individuals with legal, financial and fundraising experience. To learn more, contact our Board Chair, Kyle Stolarz.

Parent Committee - Our Parent Committee includes parents of Campers from across the country. This committee meets quarterly and advises the PALS Staff Team on new initiatives and development. The Parent Committee is led by Family Coordinator, Julia Cassisi

Director Advisory Team - The Director Advisory Team consists of individuals who have demonstrated long-term exemplary leadership in the role of PALS Director. This team meets with the Executive Director to continue to further our long-term vision with a specific focus on leadership development. Outstanding members of the team are also invited to work closely with PALS staff to participate in hiring decisions and staff summer programs. To learn more, contact our Executive Director, Jenni Newbury Ross.

Camp PALS Directors - Our Camp PALS Directors are selected in November to design, plan, and execute Camp PALS the following summer. Directors are grouped in teams and are tasked with selecting the campers, identifying counselors, and preparing programming for their assigned week of Camp PALS. Camp PALS Directors work closely with the PALS Staff to develop their leadership skills and attend a weekend retreat in the Spring. The creativity, energy, and unique flare of our Directors is what defines the PALS experience. To learn more, contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Colton Davies.

Head CPS - Head CPS supports Director teams in meeting all programming logistics and personnel goals in the weeks leading into Camp. These individuals will join directors in the Spring, becoming involved with all correspondence and receiving delegated duties and responsibilities as needed from the Director team. During the summer Program, Head CPS will be responsible for leading and managing the CPS team, and will work closely with Directors and partners to ensure all programming logistics operate smoothly. To learn more, contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Colton Davies.

Adventure Leaders - Our Adventure Leaders are selected in September to design, plan and execute each of our PALS Adventures. Adventures Leaders are paired up in teams and work to select campers, recruit counselors and plan the programming for their specific event. If you want to learn more about the Adventure Leadership role, contact our Programming Coordinator, Stephen Green

Head Counselors - Our Head Counselors are selected prior to the week of Camp PALS. Head Counselors are not paired with a camper and serve as a role model and guiding support for our campers and counselors during the week of Camp PALS. Head Counselors are assigned and selected by each Camp's team of Directors. To be considered for the Head Counselor position, please indicate your interest in your Camp PALS application.

CPS - CPS (or Camp PALS Support) work behind-the-scenes to prepare programming activities, make supply runs, and keep Camp PALS running smoothly. CPS are not paired with a camper, but may be asked to assume counselor responsibilities in special circumstances. To be considered for CPS, please indicate your interest in your Camp PALS application.

Head Inclusive CPS - Head Inclusive CPS leads our Inclusive CPS team as they work behind-the-scenes to support Directors. The Head Inclusive CPS will guide their team to prepare for activities and ensure programming runs smoothly. The person in this role collaborates with the Head CPS at Camp. To learn more, contact our Managing Director, Julia Cassisi.

Inclusive CPS - Inclusive CPS is a program run at Camp PALS New Jersey, PALS Poconos, and Philadelphia Session 2 locations where the CPS team includes individuals both with and without Down syndrome. Click here to learn more.

PALS Ambassadors - The PALS Ambassador program provides an opportunity for PALS advocates to promote, fundraise, and recruit for PALS Programs in their schools, on their campuses, and in their communities. Ambassadors develop professional relationships with PALS Staff, earn points and rewards for their accomplishments, and may transition more quickly to leadership roles at PALS Camps and Adventures. Click here to learn more.

I loved every minute of being a Director, specifically working one on one with each camper family. This role pushed me, challenged me, and shaped me in becoming a more effective leader.
— Camp PALS Director