2010 Fundraiser Results

This year, we decided to set up a fundraiser whereby campers and counselors could set up pages to solicit donations to Camp PALS. The fundraiser is now coming to a close and the results have been amazing thus far. Here are some top level results:

  • 37 fundraising pages created
  • 289 unique donations
  • $37,926 donated in all
Our goal for the campaign was to raise $40,000– and we are now 95% of the way there.

The money raised from this campaign will directly affect this summer, allowing us to host 83 campers and 110 volunteer counselors. Perhaps more importantly, a portion of the money raised will be put toward an investment fund to keep Camp PALS running for years to come.

The site we are using to collect donations, camppals.org/fundraiser, is still up and running– so if you have not had a chance to help support the campaign by sharing this link with family and friends, you still can.

Camp PALS is the best week of the year for everyone involved. And because of you, it will continue to be for years to come.

On behalf of all the campers, counselors, and families touched by Camp PALS– THANK YOU.

- Darris Lee on behalf of Camp PALS Board of Advisors