A new look for PALS

As Camp PALS continues to grow, we want to build a stronger image that captures the hearts of our campers, counselors, alumni, friends, families, partners and donors.

A group of volunteers at my company Lippincott, a world-class brand and design firm, established an overarching brand strategy and a new logo that better reflects PALS. The Lippincott team spoke to dozens of people from the PALS community, and from those interviews we learned many things about the way PALS is perceived:

PALS is… an open, accepting and magical space where friendships and second families are formed.

PALS is special because… PALS fosters close connections and a sense of belonging, built around quality people who are caring and accepting. It is an encouraging environment that allows all people involved to become the best version of themselves.

PALS provides all those involved the opportunity to experience… the best place on Earth and a family away from home.

What is the PALS personality? Welcoming — Genuine — Fun — Passionate — Supportive

So without further ado, we give you the refreshed logo:

This logo represents the essence of PALS programs: PALS is a place we can call our own.

The logo highlights 

  • The enjoyable and fun experiences that define PALS programs
  • The smile that we have across our faces any time we see or interact with one another 
  • A community that always feels like a safe place

A special thanks goes out to my colleagues at Lippincott for their hard work on this project: Brendan deVallance (Senior Production Manager), Elena Gil-Chang (Designer), Jeremy Darty (Senior Production Manager), Melanie Shor (Strategist), Terry Liu (Designer)

~ Jess

Jess Trief has been a counselor at Camp PALS since 2006. She currently works as a strategist at Lippincott (and can’t wait for another great week of Camp this year!).