Adventure Recap: Indianapolis

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to host an adventure with one of my best friends, who I met through PALS. My co-leader for the weekend was Andrea Corliss and I have known her for a year now. Let me tell you how amazing a simple Google search can be and change your life forever.  I started volunteering for PALS 3 years ago. Andrea and I agree it has been one of the most life changing things we have ever done. Attending Chicago and Columbus summer camps, and countless PALS Adventures I decided that I wanted to bring PALS to my home city of Indianapolis.

Andrea and I started brainstorming this Adventure at Camp PALS Columbus over the summer. We knew that we wanted to host an adventure over Halloween weekend since it had never been done before.  Months of planning went by and the weekend of Halloween came and Andrea and I found ourselves in Indianapolis about to lead our first PALS event together!  

Over the Halloween weekend we stayed in a gorgeous Victorian House in downtown Indianapolis. We planned a Halloween costume party, painted pumpkins, made Halloween cookies, attended an Indiana Pacers Basketball Game, had a cookout, and so much more! 

One of the most memorable things that happened over the weekend was when we attended the Pacers game. We bought our basketball tickets from a wonderful gentleman named Steve Minkis. During half-time Steve approached our group and told us that our tickets were upgraded to rows nine and ten! My camper Jack turned to me and ecstatically said, “I’ve never been this close to the court before!” I turned back to him just as ecstatic and said, “Neither have I!” Thanks to Steve and the Pacers, the whole PALS crew had a wonderful first time at an Indiana Pacers game! Time flies when you’re having fun and Sunday came with the sun shining. We had a cookout at the house before everyone departed.

I will never forget this experience as a co-leader with Andrea and I am so thrilled to add another feather in my hat for PALS memories. Luckily along with Scott Gerson, Andrea and I will be directing Camp PALS Chicago in the summer of 2016!

PALS Love,

Chandler and Andrea