Announcing our new Managing Director: Julia Cassisi


In 2012, PALS took a chance and decided to officially hire an Executive Director and our first full-time employee. At the time, we barely knew if we had enough funds to pay me for the year. We wondered if the concept of staff made sense for the organization, and we worried if we’d be able to find the right people, the right team, the right vision for how we should grow. Almost exactly five years later, I look at 11 summer Camps, 8 year-round Adventures, 900 Campers and Volunteers and I am so grateful for the incredible staff team that dedicates their efforts year-round to making it all a reality.

Julia Cassisi joined us in April 2015 and has been a powerful asset to our team. As Family & Adventures Coordinator, Julia helped to align and organize our off-season programming. When she transitioned to Family Coordinator, she set her sights on transforming the parent and Camper experience. Julia has taken the lead on our CampMinder system, tirelessly pursuing new options and smoother processes.  She has worked to connect with supports coordinators, to improve our Financial aid opportunities, to grow the Congratulations Project, and to find the families that need PALS the most. She has set up our Parent Committee, organized Meet & Greets, and designed and implemented our pilot year of Inclusive CPS.

Julia is connected to our mission and dedicated to our families, and I am so excited to announce that she has been promoted to Managing Director. In this role, Julia will continue her goals around PALS families, but also work to support the day-to-day operations of PALS. She will lead our staff team, execute our annual goals, and work tirelessly to create transformative experiences for the Campers and Volunteers who call this place their own.

The past five years have shown tremendous growth for the organization. But even more so, they’ve shown tremendous potential for the work ahead of us. With Julia in this new role, I will be setting my sights this year on strategic growth, new partnerships, and opportunities to expand our work across the country.

Please join me in congratulating Julia!

PALS Love,


Co-Founder & Executive Director