As many of you know we send letters - written by our campers - to new families around the country as part of The Congratulations Project.  We are so excited when some of these families send us responses!

Recently, we received a letter responding to John, a camper from Camp PALS San Francisco. (You can read John’s letter here.)

Dear John,

Thank you for the congratulatory letter and the gift for our new baby boy.  His name is Jonas, and I attached a picture for you to see him!

Jonas was born on April 15 and spent over 3 weeks in the hospital.  The doctors and nurses had him hooked up to tubes to help him breath, as you can see in the picture.  He just came home yesterday!!!… . . and we’re very happy to have him home with us.  I Meant to write back to you sooner, but our lives have been very hectic with baby Jonas in the hospital.

Jonas has an older brother Joseph (age 5) and older sister Natalie (age 2).  They are so happy to have their baby brother home! 

John, I’m so glad you love helping other people.  Our hope is that one day, Jonas grows into a strong and compassionate man, just like yourself. 
Thanks again, and Keep in touch as much as you want!

God Bless you,
- Joseph and Megan
We are so grateful for the connections made through this project and we hope that families like this one are inspired by the incredible lives and passionate words of our campers!