At the Congress

Welcome to The World Down Syndrome Congress!!!

We got up early yesterday morning (2:30 AM East Coast Time) and traveled to the first day of the World Down Syndrome Congress. Here’s a video of me from outside the main congress hall:

During the day, we got the opportunity to learn a lot and to meet some fascinating people. Just below, you can watch me speaking with Greg, who is one of the leaders of Special Friends, a UK-based non-profit that runs a Facebook-like social network. Check it out at:

Later, I spoke with Andrew, and he told me about the highs and lows of the conference. He made sure that I stayed away from the broccoli.

Overall, we had a wonderful time, and we look forward to sharing more with you tomorrow about our final day in Dublin. Tomorrow’s topic is inclusion, and we are quite excited to pick up some skills and strategies for Camp PALS.