Back from Boston

What a weekend!

All 15 of us counselors and directors who made the the trip to Boston had an incredible time.

The presentation on Sunday morning went well. A special thanks goes out to Julia Williams, Eli Lewis, Ashley High, and John Shulby. They joined Abby and Josh as presenters, and each gave wonderful speeches about Camp.

Lunch was also a lot of fun. Campers Melissa Mann, Joe Collins, Mickey Betts, and Dan Chaplin and special guest Emma Sage (counselors Kat and Greta Hintz’s younger sister) joined the grouped mentioned above, and we feasted on fried seafood. In fact, it was so much fun that we forgot to take pictures. (sorry!) If anyone out there has some photos from the meal, pass them along, and we will put them on the blog.

Finally, we wanted to start posting news stories about our Campers and Counselors on the blog. Please shoot us an email, and we will post links to the stories right here.