Board & Directors Meeting

Yesterday we had our semi-annual Board & Directors meeting in New York.  Among our discussion topics were things like:
  1. Addressing the needs of camper alumni with PALS Tours
  2. How to grow 50% in 2011 while remaining awesome
  3. What Camp PALS will look like in 2012 and beyond
  4. Finance & fundraising check-in
  5. Logo refresh discussion
New to this meeting were Paul Fleming and Tyler Coulton, who will be stepping up this summer as Assistant Directors, a new role we created to address some of the needs that expansion to 120 campers will require.
From L to R: Tyler Coulton, Darris Lee, Paul Fleming, Abby Kolker, Jenni Newbury,
 Jason Toff,  Josh Stein, Jess Trief, Robert Mcrae, and Jim Finegan
Coming out of this meeting, we’re more excited than ever for the future potential of Camp PALS!

- Jason on behalf of the Board & Directors