Camp Counselor freezes for Special Olympics Fundraiser

Camp PALS counselor Angelica Conway usually prefers the beach in summer, resting on a lounge chair with a drink and a book. But, on Saturday, she was braving the ice cold ocean waters to raise funds for Special Olympics. She and her team, the Perennial Penguins, collected hundreds of dollars by diving into the frigid waters of the Long Island Sound along with hundreds of other participants as part of the 2010 Polar Plunge.

Angelica invited me to join her team for what was going to be a refreshing experience. After a morning of bonding with fellow plungers, the moment arrived. We all took off our heavy coats and hats and headed onto the sand. After a short speech and an animated countdown from 10, we all sped toward the water. We did not stay in long, but the memories will be frozen in our minds for a very long time to come.

And, if jumping into ice cold water in March is your thing, stay tuned. Angelica plans to form a team again next year.