Camp goals 2007: Accomplished!

While there are many ways we work to improve camp every year, this year we had two over-arching goals we hoped to accomplish.

Our first objective was to increase camper-to-camper interaction. In the past, campers have made great new friends- but often only with the counselors. This year, we hoped to change that. Amazingly, we could see an improvement as early as arrival day, and the support between campers continued to grow. When a camper was upset or nervous, the counselor on his or her way to help was quickly beaten by two or three other campers who were eager to encourage or console. On bus rides, the campers chose to sit with each other rather than with their counselors. The interaction grew by leaps and bounds this year and many strong friendships were made.

Merry Mermaids at the DanceSimon & Matt

Our second main goal was to maintain the intimacy of camp while we expanded. With nearly 100 participants living in 3 separate houses, this was surely a difficult task. However, campers and counselors alike were able to get to know everyone well. Credit goes to the new choice activities that facilitated bonding time between new pairs. The nightly camp-wide meetings, always concluding with a quiet rendition of the PALS theme song and a collective yawn, also helped promote this sense of unity.

Everyone agrees that Camp PALS 2007 was our best summer yet! And we have already begun thinking about ways to make summer 2008 even better!

Take care and keep in touch,
The Camp PALS directors