Camp PALS 2011 Counselor Arrival

Camp PALS 2011 is gearing up! Over the past few days, over 150 counselors and staff have gathered from all over the country to get ready for what many call the best week of the summer.

Upon arrival, the counselors participated in a counselor picnic and ice breakers to get to know each other better. Among the activities were a fierce rock, paper, scissors tournament and a friendly competition between each team that included leap frog, singing and some interesting interpretive dances.

We gathered to train our counselors on the best way to have a great week and signed a petition to spread the word to end the word.

Additionally, in preparation for the nearly 120 campers attending camp this year, the counselors have been diligently working to decorate each team’s hallway and make sure that this truly is the best week of the summer for everyone involved!

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See you all soon!

-Crissy, Head Photographer