Camper Spotlight: Ryan Herrington

My name is Ryan Herrington and I am 25 years old.  I started camp when I was 17 years old at Cabrini College.  I have gone to Cabrini, Princeton, Georgetown, and San Francisco.  I have also done PALS Adventures in Annapolis, Rider College and Young Chef’s. I love Camp PALS because they make me feel special.  I LOVE arrival when everybody cheers for me.  I also love meeting new friends.  My favorite memory at PALS was winning the Olympics with Soeren and the Blue Barracudas.

I am good looking, smart, caring and thoughtful.  I am the captain of the Brick Stars Ice Hockey team.  I love my team.

I love my job at the Arbors.  I take the train to work all by myself.  I run the dishwasher, unload dishes, do food prep and make desserts.  I love my co-workers.

My dream job would be to be the announcer for the Yankees or the Flyers.  I also want to be a professional country singer.

I am learning to be an advocate.  I want people to use the word respect instead of the ‘R’ word.

Camp PALS is the best.  I always make new friends and my friends always make me feel special.  I have awesome brothers that go to camp too.  I love to beat them in the Olympics.