Closing Ceremonies Speech by Kate Danish

- Participant Kate Danish (left) and Mentor Ali Heller

“I like to talk to you about PALS Tours. It’s good education for us. We learn a lot of stuff from camp that is different for us. I learn a lot of stuff here. I learn never walk away from your buddy. I need challenge in life. PALS Tours is different for us, it is more important for us. I learn lots. We learn how to live on our own and taking care of ourselves.

PALS Tours is different in life and try your best I something new in life just let you know that I learn that being a fantastic role model for each other. We need to learn that some of us have heat problems. I learned to take care of them, I learned that never talk back to them. That is no good. I learn lots of education at PALS Tours. We all learn lots of good healthy meals.

And life is hard, go on your own path, follow what you want.  In life, I know 1 thing we need is options in life, and to have a good education. Go to college to figure out what sports you want to play. I want to be a 2nd base player, and you need to figure out what you need to be.

Find out what you want, and be happy with it. And fears is hard to get rid of, to need to follow your fears, do not be afraid of that. Thank you for listen to me, and come back to PALS Tours.”

-Kate Danish