Counting Down to Our Chicago Adventure!

This year, our midwest Adventure will be taking place in Downtown Chicago from January 27th-29th! We will be exploring the new Maggie Daley park, seeing ‘The Bean,’ and visiting the Shedd Aquarium. The Chicago Adventure will be hosting 11 awesome pairs of Campers and Volunteers.


I have experienced PALS Adventures and Camp for over two years now and I love the PALS magic. After attending almost every Adventure last year, I had the opportunity to plan and bring one back home to Chicago. I wanted to add in programming that our Chicago Camp that is new to our Chicago community. I am also very excited to co-lead this Adventure in such an amazing city during winter season!


I have just completed my second year at PALS as well! I have experienced Philly each year and even had the chance to attend Poconos last year, too. I have never attended an Adventure, so I figured I might as well hit the ground running with them! I am so happy to be able to experience Chicago with PALS and watch all of our Campers and Volunteers experience the Winter Wonderland that is Chicago in January!