Counting Down To Our Gage Farm Adventure!


Hello Campers, Counselors, and PALS Families alike!

In just 10 days, 14 lovely pairs will be uniting to take over the Gage Family Farm for the weekend. Gage Farm is located in the quiet town of Elverson, Pennsylvania, and owned by Marnee and Tim Gage. Marnee and Tim are an incredible duo, who have generously worked with our team over the past few months to ensure that we have an Adventure for the books:

Over the course of just two days and one night, our PALS will have tons of fun with the activities we have planned. Our Campers and Counselors will get to experience all the fun a farm has to offer, kicking off with an early arrival on Saturday morning. Our weekend will be filled with horseback riding, scavenger hunts, camping in tents, a hay ride, and a legendary trip to Wyebrook Farms to dance to some country music and eat a delicious barbecue-style dinner! While this is just the beginning of the magic we will experience, we hope it’s enough to get all of our friends excited for next weekend!

Our team has been counting down to this Adventure since January, but as the number of days shrink, the excitement only grows! We are super pumped for the amazing weekend laid out ahead of us, and are thrilled for this one-of-a-kind experience.

PALS Love,

Amelia and Tom

Gage Farm Adventure Leaders