Crofton Woods Elementary School takes on service project for PALS!


Camp PALS was recently the focus of a service project at Crofton Woods Elementary School. Lisa Lapina, a Camp PALS Georgetown counselor, teaches first grade at Crofton Woods and wanted to share PALS with her students. She worked with Georgetown Director Alex Meltzer to create a way for her first graders to get involved. Together, they designed a day where the students crafted decorations for camp and participated in a supplies drive! Alex shares the details below:

“The day began with an assembly where Lisa, camper Monica Evans, and I all gave a talk about Camp PALS to the entire first grade (about 125 6-year olds). We showed them the 2014 Georgetown Arrival video and talked a bit about what we do at camp. Monica gave a speech and then fielded a bunch of questions from the kids. It was a massive success!

Then, the kids broke off into their classrooms and spent the next two hours working together to craft for camp. There are five first grade classes, each got a color that corresponded to a camp team color. They made paper chains, tissue paper flowers, and welcome signs.

Additionally a supplies drive was done so we have tons of raw materials and crafts supplies for our counselors to use at camp.

The kids had a blast and loved hearing about PALS. They were excited to contribute to the decorations, especially after seeing the video. The service day coordinator at Crofton said it was the most successful one she has ever seen because it was engaging, meaningful and tangible. We just received a beautiful thank you card with a check inside and we couldn’t be more grateful. They want us to come back every year, and we plan to!

BIG thank you to Lisa, Alex, and Monica for taking the time to plan this and make it happen! Thank you to camper Alex Hudson for making an awesome video about PALS. We love to share the PALS magic with as many people as possible and this was a perfect way to reach an entirely new demographic. Who knows, maybe there are some future counselors in that classroom!