Director Blog Series: Camp PALS Richmond

PALS Richmond is a week-long sleep-away camp taking place at the campus of VCU this July! We’ve got some HUGE things planned, including a trip to a theme park, a rafting adventure, and a big league experience! Do you like trying new things, meeting new people, and having the time of your life? Yeah, we thought so. Sign up now, thank us later.

Who is “us,” you may be asking. Well I’m glad you did:

Logistics Director 

Name: Kelly Kitchen

Most looking forward to: Fourth of July at PALS Richmond!!

Years involved with PALS: 4

Reason for involvement in PALS: The people I meet and the energy they bring to Camp!

Favorite type of jelly: Strawberry

Favorite sound: alarm clock

Secret Talent: Able to sleep on airplanes

Life’s ambition: To figure out how the vending machines know the difference between quarters and pennies

Favorite smell: Lilac, cedar

Reflection on Kelly: “Kelly’s energy is infectious. She approaches seemingly ordinary tasks with unmatched creativity. Her audacious aim for the moon will surely always land her among the stars, and her ability to listen, adjust, and create will ensure PALS Richmond is the highlight of your summer. I hope you are lucky enough to interact, spend time, and learn from her this summer.”

Personnel Director 

Name: Jake Myers

Most looking forward to: Rafting!!!!

Years involved with PALS: 6

Reason for involvement in PALS: The growth I have seen with those involved

Favorite type of jelly: Red Raspberry (with seeds)

Secret Talent: Actually pretty good at spelling

Life’s ambition: To find my keys

Favorite smell: Toast

Favorite sound: …Toast

Reflection: This is my third year as a Director. I see a lot of value in learning from year to year, and am excited to be a part of a totally new PALS summer experience! I enjoy being outside, spending time at the beach, not mornings, and anything associated with PALS. I love the relationship side of Camp, and look forward to meeting all of the Counselors, Campers, and families involved. I no longer have a myspace, but can be reached via email if you have any questions: