Director Series: Camp PALS Maine

Dear PALS Family,

We hope life’s treating you wonderfully and happy 2016! In case you didn’t already know, we are your Camp PALS Maine Director team. Here’s a bit of info about us:

C. Bell: outdoor adventurer, cat & dog enthusiast, science geek, baker.

Morgan: Peanut butter lover, wanna-be dancer, professional napper, puppy snuggler

Jordan: Movie Buff, Dog Owner, Recreational Swimmer, Big-time Nerd

We are elated to be planning this summer’s Camp PALS Maine! Last year’s Director team planned an amazing week, and we hope we can add even more fun to this summer. Whether this is your first Camp PALS or gazillionth, we can’t wait to meet you, or catch up, and have great times together!  

You might ask, “What can I do to spread the PALS love?” Well, first of all, great question! We have some simple suggestions:

        A. Spread the word through social media
        B. Donate! We can’t make this week amazing without $$$
        C. Sign up to join us during July 17-23rd
        D. Do nothing
        E. D is the wrong answer. Choose again :P

Sending a Nor’Easter of PALS love your way,

C., Morgan, and Jordan