Executive Board Update Part I: Values

Last weekend, the PALS Executive Board, our program directors, and the chair of our counselor board came together to share insight, build new plans, and dream about the future of PALS together. We learned new things about who we are and the impact we can have as an organization. Most of all, we were inspired by our PALS family—the campers, counselors, parents, sponsors and community that have supported us for the past 10 years.

We want to take some time this month to share some of the details of our discussions. The first topic we covered was Values. We took time to discuss what we stand for, how we act, and how to do business in a way that represents our principles. As an organization, we have 5 core values: We are Welcoming, Genuine, Fun, Passionate, and Supportive. We think it’s important to share what we stand for, so we added a link to our website to show everyone what they can expect from PALS. Check it out here: http://www.palsprograms.org/values. We’d also like to thank Executive Board member Jess Trief and the volunteers from Lippincott who worked with us for the tremendous help they provided in facilitating this conversation.

As always, feel free to send me feedback and/or insight at jenni@palsprograms.org. Stay tuned for our next update next week!