Executive Board Update Part II: Growth

This is the second in our series of blog posts sharing some of the discussions and decisions that came from our Board & Directors Meeting in NYC earlier this month.

As members of the PALS family, we are always looking to grow. During our Board Meeting two weeks ago, we talked a lot about growth, with emphasis on three key ideas:

1. Quality: While growth is a valuable goal for PALS, we want to make sure that every program is still the high quality, fun, and exciting experience that we’ve all characterized as PALS. We know that quality growth requires a strong infrastructure, so our new Executive Director position is taking on administrative tasks so that parents have one place to get all the business details. This means our volunteer directors can put all of their time and energy into creating the best experience possible. Our goal is to exceed expectations every year, with every program.

2. Numbers: As we head towards our 10th year, it is incredible to recall that Camp PALS started with just 16 campers and 16 counselors. As we look to have more people, and more programs every summer, we constantly seek ways to improve what we do. For example, so many of our counselors and campers loved the smaller feel of Camp PALS West this year. So as we plan for our 2013 programs, we’re looking for ways to create that smaller sense of community while still bringing together hundreds of campers and counselors across the country. We want everyone in the world to experience Camp PALS.

3. Year-round: After each summer, the countdown to the next Camp PALS begins, but often the months and seasons drag on and on. In addition, as our campers and counselors get older, committing a full week of time becomes increasingly difficult. So we’ve decided to take our strategy for reunions to the next level. This new PALS program will engage alumni of all ages year-round as campers and counselor pair up one-on-one to explore a new place, take a trip, or engage in new shared experiences. We will start with 1- or 2-day events, but will continue to grow and eventually foresee adventures that will take us on far-off vacations, week-long camping trips, raging New Year’s Eve Parties and anything else we can find along the way! Stay tuned for the official announcement. We believe that the best PALS memories are created organically with the incredible type of people that make up our PALS family and so we’re excited to see PALS magic happen year round.

So there you have it—focusing on quality, emphasizing numbers, and launching some year-round opportunities for our community to continue to grow together. As a team, we’ve set the goal that by 2016, we will have at least 10 programs (including our new reunion options) that will be happening around the year. Ultimately, we want to fill every month of every year with PALS memories. We hope you’ll join us!

~ Jenni, on behalf of the PALS Executive Board & Directors