Final Day at the Congress (and my speech)

Today’s topic was inclusion, and I had the opportunity to listen to and learn from some great innovators in the field. My mind is literally spinning from all the information that I took in.

Before I gave my lecture, I had the opportunity to meet Carolyn from Australia. Carolyn and I had a great talk, and when she asked me to be her friend and gave me the gift that she was giving to all her new friends, I asked her if I could film the presentation. Here’s the footage:

Finally, I gave my lecture. There were over 50 people in the audience, and they all responded very favorably. I got to speak with interested delegates from Australia, Ireland, the UK, France, Canada, and even Slovakia. So counselors and campers –start brushing up on your Slovak for 2010!

That’s all from me from Dublin. Abby, Jenni, and I hope to see you at the National Down Syndrome Society’s Buddy Walk in NYC in September.