Fundraising results

Wow! Your fundraising efforts this year have been nothing short of amazing. Together you’ve gone above and beyond our expectations and raised $78,395! It’s been incredible to watch this community join together in support of Camp PALS, and it’s great to know that we have such fantastic supporters and advocates.

Because the fundraising was successful, this summer we will be able to offer four different PALS programs across the country, including the first ever Camp PALS West and two more PALS Tours weekends. Thanks to your efforts, we will be welcoming over 165 individuals with Down syndrome and over 220 volunteer staff members to be a part of these PALS rograms in 2012. We are so grateful for your passion and humbled by your commitment to our community. Thank you sincerely.

With great Camp PALS love,

- Jenni, on behalf of the PALS Executive Board
P.S. You can still make donations here!