Future of Camp PALS

Campers, Counselors, Parents and Friends,

We are excited to share some exciting news about the future of Camp PALS.

After a lot of discussion, we’ve decided to expand the size of camp significantly in 2011. Our plan is to invite over 100 campers next summer.

Growing to this size will not be easy– it will involve additional planning, coordination, and patience from all of you. But we believe that we can safely and successfully accommodate additional campers and counselors– ultimately giving more people the opportunity to experience the magic of Camp PALS.

We are in the process of deciding what changes will need to be made in order to accommodate this increase in size. The general plan involves splitting into two subgroups, each with 50-60 campers, generally grouped by age. Each subgroup will live in its own dormitory and will go on trips together. Wherever possible, we’ll bring everyone together for camp-wide activities (i.e. the Olympics, the dance, etc.) As much as we can, we’d like to keep the experience of camp the same. For more details about our plan, see this work-in-progress doc.

We’d love to hear what you think about these plans. Feel free to email any of us with comments, questions, and ideas.

- Jason, Jenni, Josh & Abby