Good-bye Sarah!

Today we are saying good-bye to one of our full-time PALS employees. Sarah Barnes joined our team last year as PALS Program Coordinator and has added incredible value to the organization.  While we are sorry to see her go, Sarah will be pursuing her passion for teaching, and we know she will have an incredible impact with all of her students.

Sarah will continue to be a part of the PALS family and we wish her the very best. Here’s some of her final thoughts:

“My year and a half with PALS has brought me so much happiness. The experiences I’ve had, lessons learned, and friendships formed are unforgettable. I still remember exactly where I was and how I felt when Jenni called me to offer me the job at PALS. My heart filled with joy and it’s been overflowing ever since. Making the choice to leave was NOT easy. I love my job and PALS family so much- but I am a big believer in the universe showing you which path to follow, and the opportunity to teach just fell into my lap. I will be working with a group of local second graders who really need some kindness and stability. I will be able to make an impact in my community, and that means so much to me.

PALS will always be important to me and it will always be a part of my life. I’m already brainstorming ways to get my class involved! To all of the campers, volunteers, and families, THANK YOU for helping make PALS a wonderful place, and thank you for supporting me in this next step.

So much PALS Love to all of you. Until we see each other again!”

Our PALS staff is working hard to continue our growth and we are gathering together this weekend with our 30 PALS Directors to plan our next summer. Stay tuned for updates about new staff positions. Feel free to direct any questions to me.

PALS Love, Jenni