Guest Blogging from PALS Counselor Molly Carey

Molly and Rachel were paired up for the first time this summer at Camp PALS. They keep the PALS love alive all year long and stay in touch! Check out what Molly has to say about her friend Rachel and what Rachel has been up to lately:

“Last summer, I met the very talented Rachel Danielsen.  Rachel and I connected immediately over our aggressive oral hygiene regimens, our love of history and our dated taste in music.  We love The Beatles.  At camp, we would wake up by singing along with our friends John, Paul, George and Ringo.  I thought our morning performances were pretty great, but I didn’t realize Rachel had bigger plans. 

This fall, Rachel participated in the LIVE ART program at the School of the Performing Arts in the Richmond Community.  LIVE ART is an innovative performing arts program for students of all abilities.  On December 22, Rachel performed in the program’s culminating concert, LIVE ART: Tree of Life.  My fearless friend shared the stage with Jason Mraz, k.d. lang, René Marie, Christina Perri and actor Richard Jenkins.  Unfortunately, my holiday plans took me to Chicago the day before the performance.  From what I hear, the sold out concert was entertaining, fun and impressive.  Rachel’s family and fellow PALS camper, Patrick Lanzi (pictured with Rachel below), were all on hand to support Rachel at this remarkable event.  I am so grateful for Rachel and the perfect PALS counselor/camper match.  She boldly shares her talents and knowledge and inspires me to do the same. 

For more information about LIVE ART: (”

- Molly

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