Guest blogging from the Arts and Media group

Members of the Arts and Media Training Activity blog about their favorite Camp PALS activities, their teams, advice for new campers, and more.

Rachel Danielsen
Green team

“My name is Rachel. I really like gymnastics, friends houses, sleepovers, music. I like going out for ice cream- my favorite food except for hot dogs! At camp I like bowling, I like to go to the beach, I like Arts and Media and dancing! Camp PALS is fun. And I enjoy being here at Camp PALS and Camp PALS rocks! I think Camp PALS is nothing but the best, I think it’s cool to be here. It’s easy to make friends here. I get very nervous sometimes, and if someone is it’s okay and you get over it really fast. Everyone’s very nice and helps you make friends.”

Samantha Cousins
Orange team

“I live in New Hampshire, like Hannah. Camp PALS is different from Tours because Tours is in Washington DC and Camp PALS is in Pennsylvania and California. I’ll go to PALS Tours when I turn 21. My favorite part about comin ghere is hearing my name on the speaker and getting to know my new counselor. This year her name is Clo and she lives in Chicago, Illinois. Courtney, my other counselor, we’ve known eachother for two years. Camp is special because you meet new people and old people. My favorite is meeting new friends and seeing other friends.”

Sarah Lancaster
Green team

“I come from Virginia. My favorite food is hamburgers and mac and cheese. I like to hang with friends. At camp I like to hang out with my counselor, her name is Lily. I like to play soccer, my first time was at Camp PALS. I like it because it was my first time playing it here.”

Kaitlyn Good
Orange team

“This is my second time. I like to come back because I like to see my old friends. I like to see Samantha, she’s awesome and I really like her as a friend. I met her last year and now we’re friends because of camp! I was nervous to come back and my hands were a little shakey, but not any more! It’s awesome, I’m a good bowler, my triple average is 400. I like to see my counselor, Jess. We’re on the orange team like Sam. We are the orange goldfish!


Eli Lewis
Orange team

“My name is Eli, my favorite thing about camp is coming back every year. And playing basketball, theater, acting, i love everything about camp. Everything.
The counselors are tons of fun and my head counselor is SO COOL- Timbo Shriver. The directors? Oh yeah, love them.”

Hannah Kendrick
Blue team

“I like green and blue. I like to dance and yoga and art and crafts at Camp PALS and I like respect. I have good friends. I love Camp PALS because it’s fun and I get to go to the beach. I am on the blue team and I live in New Hampshire, too. I have a dog, her name is Maggie. I think she’d like Camp PALS.”