Howdy from Dallas!

I admit, am not a morning person, but oh my was waking up at 5 am worth it today! After a shaky 4.5 hour plane ride, I arrived, from Boston Massachusetts, in Dallas Texas. I was so excited to hear people say “y’all” and in cowboy hats. I have always felt at home in this great state. A big grey Toyota pulled up and off we went, to my first Camp PALS experience!

Everything I read about camp said that this would be the best week of my life, that friendships would be made that last a lifetime and that my life would be changed – those are big expectations to fill. And I have to admit, after only being in the Lone Star state for 12 hours, I already can tell those promises are all truth.

We started the afternoon with some meet and greats over pizza and the ping pong and pool table, and then moved on to staff icebreakers. The counselors played some great games and had a chance to bond, laugh and have some fun together. I took a step back to capture the magic. We sure did have a great day, but I think we are all anxiously awaiting Sunday when the campers arrive! We cant wait to share this experience with them, and I am so lucky I get to share, through my eyes, the experience of the campers and staffs week. Its going to be a blast! I am so excited for everyone to be making life long friends, unforgettable memories & exploring new experiences.

Parents, family and friends, make sure to check back everyday for updates! I will be posting as much as I can to all of the Camp PALS social media outlets. Please, share your favorite photos. And make sure your campers get to see all the memories again and again once they return home.

Until next time, hope you enjoy!

Your 2014 Camp PALS Photographer / Videographer

-       Taylor Singmaster !