Independence Day in Washington DC

What better place to celebrate the fourth of July than Washington DC? Today was the perfect day for Camp Olympics, where our four colored teams competed for the ultimate honor: Camp PALS Georgetown Olympics Champion! We participated in relay races and a team dance competition and concluded with, of course, a huge water balloon fight! The Purple team was crowned champions, but we all had an awesome Olympics.

After dinner, we participated in the Congratulations Project, where we wrote letters to new moms and parents of babies with Down syndrome, congratulating them on their new baby! All of our letters were fantastic and we can’t wait to share some of them at closing ceremonies.

Finally, you can’t have the fourth of July in DC without fireworks, so we found a great spot on Georgetown’s campus where we had perfect views of the fireworks over the monuments on the National Mall. The best part had to have been when the fireworks spelled out “U-S-A!”

Tomorrow, sadly, is our last full day at camp but it will certainly be a full day so off to bed now! Pictures will come soon @