Introducing PALS Adventures!

In our recent post on Growth, we talked about a new priority for PALS: year-round opportunities to grow friendships and create new shared memories. We are excited to share some specific plans around this initiative and its official name: PALS Adventures!

PALS Adventures will take regional reunions to a whole new level. Each adventure will include an opportunity to explore an area, take a trip, or try something new. Examples include activities such as bowling, going to a movie, tailgating and watching a sports game, a trip to a museum, volunteering for a day, or kickball in a park. We plan to start Adventures as day trips, but our hope is that these can grow into long-weekend or even week-long opportunities (Camping! A Ski trip! Going to Disney!)

The 5 tenets of a PALS Adventure are:

  1. A veteran PALS counselor will act as the leader and organizer of the trip
  2. At least 10 people will join the trip
  3. Campers and counselors are paired up one-to-one (additional staff may attend)
  4. Participants should have previously attended at least one PALS program
  5. No parents allowed!

We are also excited to announce the coordinator of PALS Adventures—Laura Karp! Laura has been part of the PALS family for the past six years. She is quite experienced at having adventures and traveled across the country last summer to attend all four PALS programs in 2012! 

Laura will be building her team of regional leaders in the next few weeks. Please email her at if you’re interested in getting involved! 

We will announce upcoming Adventures on our blog and will have a running list of events on We are so excited about this new opportunity to grow our relationships and to fill every month of the year with new PALS memories!

~ Jenni