Kansas City

On Friday, when we got to the Hotel we found a booth to set up our equipment. We went shopping to get stuff for my presentation. Jason Toff arrived when I was sleeping.

On Saturday, we went to the booth and Jason Toff helped us fold brochures for people who had Down Syndrome. Radio Disney was there and I had chicken strips at Fritz with Dan from Camp PALS. I shared a super-sized diet coke with my sister. On the way back to the hotel, Jenni was wondering if the hotel had a pool. But we went to a fountain where a police officer tried to stop my sister from taking a dive into the fountain. Jenni was wet and her clothes were soaked! Only the two women who saw us thought we were entertainment fun. Then the police officer told us that we were at the wrong fountain at the wrong time.
Before bed, I practiced giving my presentation to Jason, Jenna and my sister.

Jason and his sister Jenni hang out in KC during the convention
On Sunday, I spoke about Camp PALS in my power point. I saved the questions for after the presentation if they wanted to ask questions about me. I met many people with Down Syndrome of different ages. Speaking was a very important thing to do because my whole life was talking to other people in different places. I enjoyed Kansas City, Missouri.

- Jason Newbury