Leadership Blog Series: Morgan Heckel


1. What made you want to become a leader in the PALS community? 

Six years ago, I joined the PALS family after watching my best friend Maggie fall in love with the organization. After a couple of seasons watching amazing leaders and friends organize and develop successful Camps, I knew directing was a dream of mine. Directors are the ones who use their imagination and creativity to create the PALS Magic - what an amazing opportunity!? The dream came true three summers ago, and now I am one of the volunteers who helps build a place where EVERYONE is able to be themselves. Both Campers and Volunteers call our time at Camp the “best week of the summer”, and it is an honor to be a small part in that!

2. How have you grown as a person through your PALS leadership experience?

I met Maggie in kindergarten, so I have always seen a world of acceptance. But, over the years with PALS I have personally grown to become an even stronger advocate for people with Down syndrome. The PALS family has supported my development to become an effective, lifelong agent of inclusion.  

3. What legacy do you want to leave with PALS as a leader? 

I hope that my energy and passion radiate through others, so more people are able to see that we are all more alike than different.

Always PALS Love,