Less Than Two Weeks Left!

Camp PALS is just a few weeks away and the directors have been working on what we hope will be our best summer yet! Here is a sneak preview of some of our on-campus events…

  • Choice Activities: Our choice activities will be better than ever. This year we have added both basketball and weight lifting! We are improving our painting sessions by having all campers and counselors work on a large mural that we will display during closing ceremonies. We will also be having a new focus on healthy options in our cooking program.
  • Camp PALS Olympics: Perhaps our most anticipated event each year, the 2010 Camp PALS Olympics will be a sight to see! With our now-annual parade of athletes, the singing of the national anthem, and our new and old relay events, it will be quite a work-out for everyone involved! As is our tradition, we’ll end with the Camp PALS water balloon fight!
  • Evening Shows: After dinner each night, we’ll be having an evening show for the full camp. Some talent acts are still being selected, but you can expect a magician, MusicWorks, karaoke, and perhaps some talented acts from your very own counselors!

As you can see, the on-campus programming of Camp PALS is bigger and better than ever, and this is just the beginning. Don’t forget about swimming, the End of the Week Formal Dance, and a scavenger hunt!

See you soon!
- Jenni