Letter from Kate Danish

Hi my name is Kate Danish I am 22 years old I been at Camp PALS for 5 years I graduation from high school 2007. This year for camp we had a lot of campers this year do you know Paul Fleming it is Kates fleming brother We also have James K with us he his funny and kind to people We also have Troy Daly he is nice kind and he is funny and sweet next person is Jared he like to call him he his funny and he is sweet and kind. Next person is Jordan M is nice kind and he is a joker Next person is Joe is sweet funny kind next person is Zack R is funny he cares about people he is nice and wonderful Next person is Jesse is nice funny and kind he like to hang out. Next person is Gillian is nice funny and sweet on monday we went to the movies and it was somebody birthday was today it was lauren ttard 17 birthday next person is Jason T is nice kind sweet he make us laugh next is Jenni is nice sweet wonderful and also she works so hard to try to make us happy Next person is Josh is nice funny sweet person Next person is Abby she was my last year bodyguard. Next person is Kyle is nice funny and smart for Tuesday we doing bowling Next Tyler Drown he is funny and smart he love to play with us Next person is Heather is nice funny and smart Next person is Adam is funny smart and kind. Next person is Lauren W she is nice funny and smart and make us laugh. Wednesday we went to the beach we had fun Next person is Gabe is nice funny and he is smart Next person is Robert is nice funny sweet and lovable Next person Evan is funny sweet and smart. Thursday we going to mini gold and Arcade Next person is Brian is nice funny smart and sweet Next person is his brother mike his funnyhe like to play with us I love that at the beach he is the bet I like him a lot. Next person is Maggie is nice kind funny she his the best I love her friday night we had a sance to go to Next person is Amy D is nice funny I love her a lot she his the best in the End of my speech I like to thank the directors because first of I like to thank Jason T because he is so funny talent he his funny and smart and I want to thank Josh he is funny and he makes everybody laugh Next person is Jenni is funny and she takes care of kids I love her she his funny Next is Abby she is my best friend I also want to thank Kate F she his the bext I really have been very close to her she is the best thank you for being the best I made something for you. thank you.