NDSS honors Camp PALS at Spring Luncheon

Five years ago, Camp PALS was held for the first time. Many things have changed since that first summer, when 16 brave campers, 16 inexperienced counselors, and 3 nervous directors arrived at Cabrini College. We have grown 500% and will welcome 80 campers and 95 volunteers this summer. We now have a board of advisers and have worked closely with both the NDSC and NDSS on many occasions.

Most importantly, we are now a thriving community. While the number of people who have attended Camp PALS is in the hundreds, the number affected in some way by it is in the thousands.

Today, we will be honored by the National Down Syndrome Society at its annual Spring Luncheon. Although only a handful of Camp PALS representatives will be at the NDSS luncheon to accept the honor, know that we are accepting it on behalf of the entire Camp PALS community. Thank you– parents, campers, counselors, donors, nurses, photographers, advisers, and friends– for making the Camp PALS dream into the reality it is today.

We look forward to making many more memories with you in the years to come.