New Additions to the Executive Board

As many of you know, we formally established an executive board to oversee all PALS Programs in 2011. This board was originally composed of Jenni Newbury, Abby Kolker, Josh Stein, and Jason Toff — the then-directors of Camp PALS East.

As time has passed, we’ve recognized some up and coming leaders. Over a month ago, the executive board decided to bring on a new member, Jessica Trief, who had already demonstrated incredible contributions and dedication to the programs. We are now excited to announce the addition of two additional board members who have demonstrated a visionary outlook, tremendous leadership and passion for the PALS program:

Brandon Glyck
Brandon Glyck has continually been a stand-out part of our community. Brandon has been at camp since 2009, serving both as a counselor and in a leadership position as a head counselor. He will be attending our pilot program in San Francisco this summer and has demonstrated a year-round commitment to our organization. We are excited to capitalize on his effectiveness in energizing a group of people around our goals. Brandon currently works as the Director of Executive Search and Business Development at Quantam Technology Resource Group and is a recent graduate from Princeton University. You can congratulate him at

Timbo Shriver
Timbo Shriver has unique experience in growing young non-profits and a tremendous vision for what we can become. He has been a counselor since 2010, and has served in several leadership roles at camp including being a head counselor, organizing leadership training activities and consistently being on the front lines of new projects and initiatives. We believe that his knowledge and experience around movements and advocacy efforts will help us focus on the big picture and give us the skills we need to make a lasting impact in our community and beyond. Timbo currently works as Chief Movement Officer at The Future Project and is a recent graduate from Yale University. You can congratulate him at

We’d also like to thank Josh Stein, who will be transitioning off the board in the coming weeks.  Josh, a co-founder of Camp PALS, organized off-campus activities for years, has played an integral role in setting up world class healthcare for campers in all PALS programs, and helped get the PALS Tours programs up and running.

As we near our 10th year anniversary, we’re excited to invite these new additions to our board to help us be fresh and innovative in our thinking, while staying true to our mission. We believe that with the new additions to our board we will continue to maintain PALS as the best place on Earth and build on our strengths to grow, expand and improve. We are so proud to welcome Brandon and Timbo to our team and thank Josh for his many contributions.