Nicole's words on the R-Word

Nicole is a guest blogger writing about an experience she had with the R-word, and how she is empowered to make a change.

“So I was at my friend’s house having dinner when one of my friends Adam came and we talked about things and one of them was the R-word!!! Then I said I don’t like it at all. He has ADHD but it is not ok. He said I am sorry.

So I want the R-word to be done. So let’s stop. It hurts a lot in my heart. I felt better and felt very different after words. I really want to stop it now. Not later but now. So let’s have a stand and fight a lot and never give up. Tell everyone about it and I will do the same at my school. I have strong feelings for the R word. I will do everything to stop it so please help us and stop the R-word and make a big change in the whole world. Please make a difference for people with Down syndrome. They can’t change but we can make a huge difference for them.

The R-word is not just Down syndrome but for all kinds of disability in the world today!!!!”