One week to go!

One week from today, 64 campers will set foot on Cabrini College’s campus to begin the 5th summer of Camp PALS. For some, the trip to camp will be a 10 minute car ride. For others, it will mean flying alone for the first time from the opposite side of the country. But regardless of where they come from, all campers will feel part of the Camp PALS family within moments of arriving on campus.

For someone who has never been to Camp PALS, it’s tough to fully grasp the emotions and excitement had by camp participants. In an effort to share these emotions with the world, we will be posting messages, pictures, and videos of campers and counselors every day of camp this year. We are so dedicated to keeping you updated with camp happenings and camper/counselor interviews, that we have a full-time volunteer dedicated to maintaining this blog.

We encourage you to check back regularly and to share the Camp PALS Blog link with family and friends. We also hope that you will help make the blog interactive by posting any comments, thoughts, and/or suggestions.