PALS sets $100K fundraising goal

Dear PALS Family,

Last year, the PALS community came together and raised over $75,000 from 398 unique donors. This year, we’ve set our most ambitious goal yet—$100,000—to support the addition of multiple new programs, offer financial aid for everyone who needs it, and ensure the long-term sustainability of PALS.

The only way we’ll reach this goal is with your help. We need everyone—campers, counselors, parents, and friends—to come together to make this happen. Here’s what to do:

  • Set up a personalized fundraising page
  • Tell all your friends: classmates and teachers, co-workers and bosses, coaches and teammates, aunts, uncles, next-door neighbors, and anyone you find next to you during the holidays. Talk to them about what PALS means to you and let them know that every single dollar donated will make a difference to someone you know.

Get involved today and show us your Camp PALS love. Together we can continue to create the best summer experiences in the world!

~ Jason, on behalf of the PALS Executive Board