PALS Siblings: Alex and Bryan

This week, read a perspective from veteran counselor, Alex Meltzer. Alex and his brother Bryan have been a part of PALS for 11 years.  

To me, Down syndrome awareness has very little to do with actually making others aware of Down syndrome.  I think everyone pretty much knows or at least recognizes Down syndrome, it’s a fairly common genetic disorder.  Instead, I see Down syndrome awareness as an opportunity to highlight everything else surrounding an individual with Down syndrome.  

My brother, Bryan, has DS, but it isn’t how I define him.  I define him as hilarious, thoughtful, charismatic, intelligent, social, independent and employable.  Down syndrome awareness  is special to me because it allows people who just see Bryan’s Down syndrome to look deeper and see all of the other things that I’ve seen in him for the past 25 years.