Sibling Spotlight Series: Freddie and Jennifer Gaffney


What do you want the world to know about your sibling? 

Freddie: She is fun. I love Jennifer. Best sister in the world. Jennifer is nice and helps me sometimes. Jennifer takes me out to places to eat and we sing in the car. Jennifer is silly and makes me laugh. Jennifer is my best friend.

Jen:  I want the world to know that my brother can do anything he wants to do, I am witness to it every day. My brother is determined, stubborn, and strong in all the best ways and has exceeded all expectations people have placed upon him.

How has your sibling surprised you?            

Freddie: With an Eagles shirt. I like Jennifer at Camp PALS. Jennifer buys me hot chocolate..Jennifer made me a Phillies blanket. She gave me a mickey hat from Disney. 

Jen:  Freddie has surprised me on a personal level, with how strong of a sibling connection we have. No matter how I act, he knows when I am hurt or upset, and will always ask me, “what’s the matter?” and pulls me into a hug. He can tell what’s going on when no one else can. The best part is when he hugs me, he asks, “what are you doing?” I in return tell him that I am hugging him. He always asks, “why?” but he knows the answer, as it is our routine. “Because I love you” I say, to which he always responds, “And I love you.” This has never not made me feel better.

What do you love most about your brother/sister?     

Freddie: She is nice. I like to drive with Jennifer. I like to take care of my sister. I like when she takes a nap on my lap. Jennifer is my best sister in the world. I love Jennifer. 

Jen: One of the things I love most about my brother is his never-ending smile. He is genuinely happy 99.9% of the time, which is a hard task I would say to many people as they go about their daily lives. When he’s sick, he is still smiling. When he’s bored, he is smiling. When someone seems angry or upset, he is smiling and laughing trying to make them feel better. Happiness radiates off of Freddie and I am so grateful to have such a positive light in my life. He reminds me on the worst of days that even the simplest of pleasures are something to smile about.