Sibling Spotlight Series: Kevin and Megan Cloyes


What do you want the world to know about your sibling?

Kevin: I want the world to know just how much my sister has accomplished. Too many people set low expectations for people with Down syndrome. I like to set the bar high. I’ve watched my sister crush the expectations of her friends, family, and the doctor who told my mom Megan would never have a sense of humor. She is a high school graduate and scholarship winner. She applied to, and was accepted to The College of New Jersey’s Career and Community Services Program, where she graduated with a higher GPA than I got in college. She has even done some modeling work for Toys R Us and a few walks down the runway. Most importantly, she is an accomplished public speaker and self advocate. In 2015, Megan was recipient of the Dan Piper Award at the NYC Buddy Walk for recognition of how, through everyday activities, she has brought about a greater public awareness and understanding of people with Down syndrome. I want the world to know that the bar does not need to be set low for individuals with disabilities, because my sister has had no problems crushing the high one I prefer to set for her.

Megan: My brother Kevin has a job in Arlington, VA but I don’t know exactly what he does. He likes to hang out with friends and have fun. We like to blast music really loud and sing when we are in the car together.

How has your sibling surprised you?

Kevin: Megan has surprised me with her confidence. Most people look at individuals with disabilities and think about all the things they can’t or will never do. Even in the face of that adversity, Megan takes great pride in her abilities and never shies away from an opportunity to tell you about them. Her tenacity and spunk for letting everyone know exactly what she is capable of is a quality I envy and admire.

Megan: He surprised me when he told me that we were both going back to Camp PALS Maine this summer! I was so excited. He does a great job running closing ceremonies and we both love the lobster rolls.  He surprises me every Christmas and we go to a movie and out for a lunch or dinner.

What do you love most about your brother/sister?

Kevin: Every once in a while, after a particularly great event, a major accomplishment, or just on a beautiful day, Megan will out of the blue state, “I love my life.” And she really, really means it. Megan’s love of life brings people together in a way that nothing else can. That is what I love most about my big sister Megan.

Megan: He is the best brother ever and he always cares about me. We love to have Chinese food and drinks and just talk. He helps me when I am doing my People crossword puzzles. My not favorite thing about Kevin is that he always beats me at Bananagrams!